Words of wisdom

  • Every future is statistically impossible, yet you live in it
  • You always have to remember, when people tell you that something doesn’t work for them, that they’re right. It doesn’t work for them. And that is incredibly important information. You also have to remember that when people tell you what they think is wrong and how you should fix it, that they’re almost always wrong.
    Neil Gaiman


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    Dungeon Crawler Carl

    by Matt Dinniman

    A surprisingly interesting series of books about Carl and his cat, Princess. What happens when the world suddenly transforms into a dungeon for the entertainment of aliens?

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    Art of the Adept

    by Michael G. Manning

    The story follows a boy who grows up in a small village with his mother and is taught magic by his grandfather, who lives alone in the forest. The plot truly unfolds when he is forced to leave his home and embark on a journey to become something great.

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    The Forever Series

    by Craig Robertson

    The epic journey of an artificial human troughout space and the challenges involved when living forever.

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    Everybody Loves Large Chests

    by Neven Iliev

    A fantastic LitRPG that follows a mimic from the moment it spawns as a chest in a dungeon, and traces its journey throughout the world. The series is filled with humorous references and, surprisingly, makes me care for this seemingly evil creature. It's challenging to convey the brilliance of this series without revealing spoilers, so I'd recommend diving into the first book.

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